Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes, Mackay!

Yes, we are talking cakes, Mackay, and if you’re a lover of all things sweet and sticky, your support group is right here! At Cakeaholics we’re not ashamed of our love of delightful, delectable, delicious cakes. Let them eat cake! Let us all eat cake!

We’re talking top-shelf engagement, birthday and wedding cakes, Mackay!

The number one rule for scrumptious cakes is to use only the highest quality ingredients. That’s why Cakeaholics cakes are made using free-range eggs, real butter and couverture chocolate. A variety of rich, moist mud cakes in 20 different flavours will satisfy every taste. A professional finish gives you the ultimate cake experience. I also create the most amazing and decadent cupcakes for all occasions. Click here for all the flavour sensations!

My name is Shayne Lawrie and I’m a cakeaholic

My passion for cakes started early, and my first job out of high school was in a bakery where I learnt to decorate sponge cakes.

Some 20 years later I discovered a new and modern way of baking. Working with mud cakes, filling and coating them in smooth, creamy ganache and covering them in silky fondant icing is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! I strive to continue to improve my skill set to ensure I stay up-to-date with current trends and I have learnt from some of the finest teachers at the best schools. I love what I do and I put that ingredient into every cake I make. The end result is a rich, decadent and creamy work of art that deserves prime position at your special event.

My kitchen, my home

My creations begin and end in the heart of my home—a fully council-approved, food-licensed kitchen. From wedding cakes destined for some of the most high-end weddings on the Whitsundays to special occasion birthday cakes in Mackay, I put my heart and soul into every single creation. Free delivery is offered for all Mackay cakes and I also deliver further afield for a nominal fee.

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What We've Made

wedding cakes

Jessica 2012

Celebration Cakes

Closed Peoney and Paisley Print

Cakes For Kiddies

Lady Bird 2012

Celebration Cakes

21st Burlesque 2012

Wedding Cakes

Closed Peoney and Stencilling 2012

Cakes For Kiddies

Stella 2012

Wedding Cakes

Jennifer & Jacques 2012

Wedding Cakes

Whimsical Grace Kelley Open Peoney 2012

Cakes For Kiddies

Zaviers 1st Birthday Cake 2012

Wedding Cakes

Silk Flowers on Crisp White Fondant 2012

Cakes For Kiddies

Explosions of Edible Confetti with a Matching Cupcake Tower & Cookies 2012

Celebration Cakes

Parisian Themed 50th 2012

Celebration Cakes

Novelty Hand Bag 2012

Wedding Cakes

Fresh Flowers & Quilting 2012

Celebration Cakes

Hand Piping and Feathers 2012

Baby Showers

Rainbow Layers inside floaty ruffles

Celebration cakes

Basket of Roses 2012

Celebration Cakes

Cascading multi-coloured Roses 2012

Wedding Cakes

Planet Cake Design 2012

Celebration Cakes

Novelty Cakes 2012

Cakes For Kiddies

Dolly Varden with a Barbie twist 2012

Wedding Cakes

Planet Cake design 2012

Celebration Cakes

Edible Imagery on your choice of design 2012

Wedding Cake

Monica & Anthony 2013

Topsy Turvey

Leanne’s 40th 2013

Birthday Cakes for Kiddies

Farm yard Fun 2013

Cakes for Kiddies

Nanananananana Batman ……… 2013

Cakes for Kiddies

Paige is 1 2013

Wedding Cakes

Tina & Mark 2013

Celebration Cakes

Fishermen 40th 2013

Baby Shower

Debbie Brown inspired baby’s laundry

Baby Shower

Baby’s’ bottom baby shower cake

Wedding Cake

Kristy & Guy 2013

Wedding Cake

Top – white chocolate & banana, middle – baileys mud, bottom – white chocolate with raspberry swirl.


Batman themed Vanilla Bean cookies

Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Wedding Cupcake Tower with Cutting Cake 2012

Cupcake Tower

Sarah’s 21st Cupcake Tower 2013

Cute Cupcakes

1st Birthday Celebration Cupcakes



Cakes -

Moist, rich, decadent mud cakes, made from scratch with free range eggs, real butter and full cream milk, no nasties added here.
Filled with smooth creamy ganache only made on the best quality coverture chocolate and cream & finally coated in a thin layer of fondant for a smooth and polished finish
Finally the finishing touches, the decorating, to suit your occasion and style.

  • Wedding & Engagement Cakes

  • Celebration Cakes

  • Christening & Baby Shower Cakes

  • Cakes for Kiddies

Flavours & Pricing


Cupcakes -

With over 20 flavours to choose from your biggest problem will be how do you decide.
Cupcakes can be the perfect alternative to a large cake and be designed to suit not only your occasion but also your budget.
Cupcake towers are available.

    Flavours & Pricing


    Cookies -

    My cookies are made to order and just like my cakes and cupcakes baked from scratch. They are bagged for your convenience and make the perfect take home memento or addition to your party table. They come in 4 flavours. Contact us for all your special occasion cookie needs ..

    • Ginger Spice

    • Vanilla Bean

    • Lemon Zest

    • 100's and 1000's

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